Pet Cremations

At Folly Fields Pet Crematorium, we offer a caring, dignified farewell for your loving pet and companion.

We provide individual cremations, and your pet’s final journey will be completed in a peaceful dignified manner throughout..

Our main aim is to provide a complete, planned cremation for your pet and we will spend time discussing your preferences in order that we can offer a service tailored to your needs.

You are welcome to bring your pet directly to us or we will collect your pet from home or from your veterinary practice.

Our promise to you – While beloved pets remain in our care we will treat them with the same compassion, dignity and respect they deserved in life.

Compassion and Care

At Folly Fields Pet Crematorium, we understand that losing a pet is like losing a family member or a dear friend. It is a time of difficult emotions and great sadness.

We offer support and guidance, acknowledging your need to honour your pet in a very meaningful and individual way.

What to do when a beloved pet dies

Contact us directly or ask your vet to contact us and we will begin guiding you through the process of saying farewell. You may wish to take some time browsing our website first to find out more about us and the service we offer.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday/ Sunday 10am-3pm

Visits by appointment only